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Fresh driving fun acoustic roots-blues-rock is the keyword for this years big CD-debut on the Norwegian blues scene. Brothers In Blues, a new project performed by brothers Peer (a.k.a Peer Gynt) and Geir Taraldsen.

Peer Gynt is known for his long international career as a blues guitarist with multiple albums released world wide. He´s been in the process of making an acoustic album for years, and when he finally started writing songs for this new album, his brother Geir Taraldsen came on board on harmonica, and Brothers In Blues was born!

The legendary guitarist, Micky Moody, from the renowned band Whitesnake, is one of the celebrity guest artist on the Brothers in Blues album along with the fantastic female singer Hannah Long from Texas/USA.

Rumour has it that Micky Moody might come to Norway exclusively and join Brothers In Blues on stage at the Blues In Hell festival during the CD-launch. Don´t miss out!

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